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This page contains links to various useful HOA-related documents, such as HOA proof of insurance, CC&Rs, Rules & Regulations as well as various supplemental information and updates, such as FEMA Flood Zone Exemption Certificate.

Documents open in a new browser and are generally in PDF format. You can save them locally on your computer and/or print them as needed.

CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations

This section lists the CC&Rs documents as well as various supplemental Rules & Regulations and updates.

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs):
CCRs Base Document
CCRs Admendment 01 1999-04-11
0.100 Rules and Regs TOC
1.100 Condominium Governance
2.100 General Management
3.100 Common Areas
4.100 Maintenance
5.100 Architectural Changes
6.100 Watercraft

Rules & Regulations:
Rules and Regulations (Update 2013-05-14) (*)
Maintenance Responsibilities
Alternative Dispute Resolution

(*) Important: this update grants additional & wide discretionary powers to the board and also includes a new schedule of fines (with substantial increases).

Miscellaneous Documents:
2010 HMA Pier Lease

FEMA Flood Zone Exemption

This section contains the documents provided by FEMA establishing that the Huntington Marina complex is located in its entirety in an “X500” Flood Zone and therefore flood insurance cannot be required for properties located in our complex by lenders or other financial entities, whether for new purchase or re-financing situations.

FEMA has amended an error in its previous classification upon request from HMA homeowners via a LOMA determination (Letter Of Map Amendment).
Consequently, the HMA complex cannot be defined as being part of an SFHA (Special Flood Hazard Area).

Zone Classification Map:


Copies of Official FEMA Documents:
LOMA Application for HMA complex
LOMA Determination for site #15946
FEMA Tract Units
FEMA Flood map tracts all tracts
FEMA map tract 5864 units 1-4
FEMA map tract 5864 units 5-8


Available original paper blueprints of the complex have been digitized and are now available in electronic format.
Click here for blueprint page.

Patio Sinking Lawsuit

Record of actions leading to the 1998 lawsuit against HMA and subsequent settlement, damages and legal fees HMA was ordered to pay for failure to execute fiduciary duty and to provide proper maintenance.
Click here for full narrative

Legacy Web Site

Our website was upgraded in May 2015 to a modern platform that allows easy maintenance and updates. Most content has been migrated from the previous web site. The previous web site is however still running (but inactive). Click here to access the old website for legacy references.

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