Online Safety

When registering, you will be asked to provide:

  • A user name: Enter a short user name, easy to remember (for example first name initial and last name, example: JDoe).
  • An e-mail address: Enter your e-mail address. This e-mail address will not be visible on the web site.
  • A CAPTCHA code: Random combination of letters and numbers you will see on the page. This is to prevent “spam” registrations.

The system will e-mail you a password so you can log in, complete your registration and add additional information in your account as desired.
You may change your password, but make sure that your new password is safe (more than 7 mixed characters recommended, for example: “MyP4ssw0rd!”). Your password will be encrypted in the system and known to you only.

Newly created accounts do not have rights to post articles or other information or to communicate with other site users. The web master will validate your identity via e-mail and grant you these rights as soon as you are verified as a homeowner, renter or other authorized person.

After you register, please make sure to edit your profile and set your preferences for receiving (or not receiving) e-mails from this site or other users. Use the Profile Page to update this information.

Posting Content:
When posting content on this site, be safe and do not provide any more information about you that would normally already exist in the phone book (example: name & address). Avoid listing e-mail addresses or phone numbers, particularly mobile phone numbers to avoid “spam”.

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