HOA Elections 2020: I’m In!

Hi, I’m MICHAEL GIOAN and I’m running this year to be a Board Member.

I believe in fairness and will kindly post any other candidate’s agenda on this website. They just need to email their name, statement and photo (if desired) by clicking here.

Huntington Marina is a great place to live, we occupy a privileged location in the Harbour, closest to the ocean, steps to a bunch of businesses, five minute walk to the beach, not to mention our guaranteed water & mountain views. Our properties are very desirable and have gone up steadily in value over the years. But it’s up to us to protect our investment. This is what I would like to accomplish:


  • We have 3 full time workers, costing us 40% of our HOA dues. I know them, they are great people and skilled workers, but they are poorly managed and the only guidance they seem to be receiving is “duct-tape until it’s beyond repair”. So they keep redoing the same things at great cost to us instead of doing it right. Time for new maintenance leadership.
  • We are back to “Barrack Drab” with the original wall colors having faded away. We need more color for a better ambiance. And next time we repaint, we must demand proper prep of walls and woodwork, so that our structures remain protected.
  • Carport woodwork is in disrepair, including protective zinc trim. When dry rot sets in, it will be very expensive to fix. We need to act soon.


  • Rule to limit Directors Terms to 2 years, then 2 years before they can run again. This will encourage new members to participate and cut down on complacency.
  • Rule to put to membership vote any new project exceeding 20% of yearly budget and/or exceeding 5 years in repayment.

Technology for a Better Future:

  • We need an online system to initiate and track maintenance and architectural requests. This will cost us less than $200/year and will pay for itself in the first month by making our crew scheduling more efficient. And we will also get auditing & accountability that we can never have with the current “messenger pigeon” system.
  • Our 75,000 sq feet of roofs and carports (45,000 sq ft usable) could provide an 8 KW solar electric system for every unit. This would generate 100% of our electricity and reduce our power and hot water bills to near zero. It is a sizable project, and should be submitted to the membership for vote, but I believe it has long-term benefit for our property values.
  • There is a growing number of homeowners who wish to install air conditioning for their units. They should be heard and appropriate solutions be considered if feasible while protecting everyone’s right to a quiet environment.
  • We should consider offers from internet providers to install fiber optic cabling in the complex. We all have 4K TVs, computers, laptops, and phones, let’s keep them working even better for us.
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  1. I’m in total agreement with Michael on the issues. Our community should evolve and take advantage of technology to improve our life! Yes on solar, Yes on AC, Yes on changes to maintenance — the guys are work really hard, but could be managed. Thanks Michael!

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