80 foot tall buildings in our backyard?

Please stand up for your community and attend the City Council meeting at City Hall on July 6th at (4:00pm, Room B-8). The more people show up, the louder our message to the City Council. 

Some alarming news for the communities of Piedmont Cove, Broadmoor and Bayport and also for us at Huntington Marina.  The city of Huntington Beach has been considering a full “high-density” re-zoning of our area that could affect our property value and quality of life

The plan involves re-development of both Peter’s Landing and Don The Beachcomber properties into a “high-density mixed used” zone where buildings would be permitted to be as high as 80 feet (that’s 7 to 8 stories) and possibly 300 new condo units!

The trend started by the City of Huntington Beach and greedy developers has already turned the HB pier and Bella Terra areas into soul-less tourist factories. They are now now threatening Sunset Beach and North Huntington Harbor. We need to show the City Council that we oppose this disastrous initiative. Here are some of the areas of concern should such project arrive to fruition:

  • Permanent increase in traffic (and noise levels) on PCH due to large number of additional residents in the area (both tourists and permanent residents).
  • Increase in crime level due to increase in number of people and additional opportunities for criminals.
  • Worsening of parking situation which is already quite a concern.
  • Permanent increase in beach occupancy and related pollution.
  • Transformation of our area into a sub-urban neighborhood, with associated decrease in property value.

We are all affected by these plans and get involved in the process to show the city that they just cannot trash our neighborhood and quality of life to benefit their business buddies (and campaign contributors).

We have compiled a few documents with additional information as well as links to videos of meetings that have already occurred in this matter.

We will propose that a commission be created by HMA board to represent Huntington Marina and collaborate with neighboring communities. If we are all united, we can defeat these attempts to take away our quality of life and property value for the sole benefit of a greedy few.

As required by law, the City of HB has an online survey that we can all respond to show our opposition to this project (see link below).

Documents and Links:


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  1. Update on this issue:
    During its meeting on July 6th, 2015, the Huntington Beach City Council did the right thing and voted against re-zoning Don The Beachcomber and Peter’s Landing areas. Undoubtedly, the massive and vocal presence of Sunset Beach area residents had a major effect on the outcome of the vote.

    Click here for more information – Redirects to ProtectSunsetBeach.com web site.

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