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Missed the HOA monthly meeting? Not to worry, see meeting reports & minutes below 😉


Editorial notes:

Budget Surplus:
As of 5/31/2016, our Year-to-Date surplus is now over $45,500 for the the first 5 months or OVER A QUARTER OF OUR YEARLY BUDGET. Projected over the entire year, this surplus will be over $100,000!
The surplus comes almost entirely from savings on maintenance costs due a reduced crew. But the complex looks as good as it ever did, don’t you agree?
We have kept accruing our Reserves according to the 30 years plan, so we are still properly funding for the future.
Therefore, we should definitely think about reducing the dues next year! We could reduce the dues by as much as $80-90/month and still stay within budget!

Legal Fees:
Current YTD legal fees are close to $8,000, that’s 600% over budget! Projected over a year, this represent nearly $20,000! Why do we spend so much money on legal fees? There are no pending lawsuits that we have been told of, then again, transparency is not really what we get from the board…

Financial Documents

2016 – YTD Financial Summary
2016 – Balance Sheet and YTD Operating Statement

HOA Meeting Documents

June 2016 meeting – Agenda & Management
May 2016 meeting: Approved Minutes
June 2016 Newsletter

May 2016 meeting: Agenda & Management
April 2016 meeting: Approved Minutes
May 2016 Newsletter

April 2016 meeting: Agenda & Management
March 2016 meeting: Approved Minutes
April 2016 Newsletter

March 2016 meeting: Agenda & Management (*)
February 2016 meeting: Approved Minutes
March 2016 Newletter

February 2016 meeting: Agenda & Management Report (*)
January 2016 meeting: Approved Minutes

January 2016 meeting: Agenda & Management Report
November 2015 meeting: Approved Minutes

(*) As made available by the board starting February 2016, financial reports list only “Total Assets” and no longer include amount of reserves, bank balance & surplus/deficit information. We have requested that this information be provided in future reports as it has been in the past.

Financials YTD for 2016:
Note that the board has not reported amount or reserves or YTD surplus or deficit numbers since Feb 2016. You can still somehow obtain these numbers by looking at the Financial Summary. So much for transparency…

Month Reserves Bank Surplus/Deficit Total Assets
Jan $899,528 $213,088 $88,218 $1,209,412
Feb $882,529 $204,505 $111,802 $1,198,836
Mar N/C N/C N/C $1,224,470
Apr N/C N/C N/C $1,228,171
May N/C N/C N/C $1,207,274
Jun N/C N/C N/C $1,231,138



September 2015 meeting: Public Session
September 2015 meeting: Management Report (PDF)
July 2015 meeting minutes (PDF) – (not yet available)

August 2015 meeting: Public Session – (1)
August 2015 meeting: Management Report (PDF)
July 2015 meeting minutes (PDF) – (2)
(1) Meeting canceled by board.
(2) Due to cancellation of meeting, July minutes will be published when available.

July 2015 meeting: Public Session
July 2015 meeting: Management Report (PDF)
June 2015 meeting minutes (PDF)

June 2015 meeting: Public Session
June 2015 meeting: Management Report (PDF)
May 2015 meeting minutes (PDF)

April 2015 meeting minutes (PDF)

March 2015 meeting minutes (PDF)

February 2015 meeting minutes (PDF)

January 2015 meeting minutes (PDF)

Other 2015 Management reports, January to April 2015 (PDF)

Financials YTD for 2015:

Month Reserves Bank
Jan $780,895 $138,472
Feb $790,979 $140,971
Mar $811,147 $152,274
Apr $821,231 $132,604
May $831,316 $138,962
June $841,399 $146,847
July $851,483 $149,033
August Not reported Not reported

Note: The financial statements of Huntington Marina are public record.

2 comments on “HOA Reports
  1. I posted the notice at 6:30 Monday evening 24 hours prier to the meeting and someone put a notice over my sign saying it was still on and several members were confused because of it. The notice said
    Carol Snyder at least with this.

  2. A notice was posted this afternoon after Kathy Reese emailed that she will be there at 7pm to meet with homeowners and tell them about the cancellation.
    I was only notified this morning that your original sign was posted.

    So what if the notice was about 24 hours? It does not change the fact that the homeowners are not stupid and are seeing right through this BS.

    How convenient that the board all of a sudden has no quorum when they know they will be facing a lot of angry homeowners. They can hide once, but not twice… Homeowners made arrangements to attend the meeting and the board shuts the door on them? This is a disgrace!

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