$1M a Unit, Maintained Like a Tenement

Just take a look at the photos below. We live in a luxury complex where units are nearing $1M apiece. We live in one of the most desirable locations in Huntington Harbour, which is one of the most desirable locations in Huntington Beach, which is one of the most desirable cities in California. Well, you get the idea…

But we get tenement-style maintenance! I’m not blaming the workers, they do as told, but just take a look at the cheapskate approach below, and this is only from a 2 minutes walk in the complex!

This is how our structures are maintained, seriously, where is the duct tape?
Cheapest hose reel known to mankind, and rusted!
Cheapest hose gun known to mankind, and leaky!

This is absolutely revolting, not to mention a bad idea, because half-fast repairs like the ones on the carport will end up costing us lots of money to replace entire rotted beams.

There are three new candidates for the Board of Directors this year, 2 of them are young, we need new blood, one of them (yours truly) has been clamouring for change for years. Please fellow neighbors, it’s your investment and your property value, don’t let it be compromised by a cheap, short-term, lousy maintenance policy, and the “couldn’t care less” attitude from which it derives.



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