Why do we need new elections policies?

It’d be nice if the current rules we have were correctly followed in the first place!

I’m sure it’s a coincidence, but Yelp! notified me just last week that they removed the review I left about Lordon Management re: their disastrous handling of elections a couple of years ago. Not only did they bungled the mailing date (violating CA Civil Code), but they doubled-down and re-sent ballots with the *same color* but a different date so everyone could be confused into using the wrong form. A coincidence, I’m telling you…

Back to the latest mailer we received. Looks legit, right? Did you ask yourselves what the purpose would be to change the election policies other than if it benefited someone? Because otherwise, why go through the time and effort?

I did find a very interesting pearl in the proposal, Section 7, subsection 7.1.5, here’s the gist of it:

The Candidate must have been in compliance with the Association’s Governing Documents for 6 months preceding the election to be considered eligible.

Call me paranoid, but what a great tool to keep people from being elected on the Board this is! So, if someone had a legitimate beef with the HOA and this goes on for quite some time, they could never get on the Board to keep a potentially rogue Board in check. Yup, ladies and surfers, that’s what I call fair and equal representation!

Please vote this proposal down, there is a body of laws under the California Civil Code regulating HOA elections, so it’s not needed and it gives too much power to the Board. I thought that the sentence “till death do us part” applied to marriage, but apparently it may better still apply to immovable board members…

We have elections coming up, time for new leadership.

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