Election SNAFU: Wait, there is more…

Fellow homeowners, the election situation is not getting any better!
See previous post, ballots were sent too late and did not contain candidate statements as required by CA Civil Code.

So now the Annual Meeting and Election will be postponed to a yet undetermined date.
This is the first time this has happened in 17 years I have lived here!
But, OK, mistakes can be made, so water under the bridge… But now we have a situation where homeowners will receive 2 ballots, both on white paper with only the purported election date to distinguish them. So some people could send 2 ballots (maybe with different votes) and the Inspector of Elections will have to make sure they are counted only once, or people could send the original ballot (for canceled November 5th election) which may have a different slate of candidates. This would make such ballots null and void.

To avoid this mess, a homeowner had a great idea, see e-email sent to Lordon below:

This came to mind that with two sets of ballots coming out because Lordon messed up on getting the ballot out in time and also forgetting to include our statements. That will mean there will be two ballots out per homeowner.

How do you intend to address this as to not invalidate the election??

My recommendation is the replacement ballot be done on colored paper, since this will be the NEW VALID ballot and since the old one is WHITE we will know instantly which are valid and which are not!!!

As one of the candidates running please advise how you will rectify this matter!

Makes perfect sense, right? And colored paper does not cost more that white paper! But this is too clever and not enough confusing for Lordon, see their response below:

please note that the return envelope is marked as well as the ballot is different itself so both documents can be verified in that manner.  Thank you.

So, after making an unprecedented mistake of this magnitude, Lordon and the board still don’t seem to want to “make it right” and provide a simple and reliable solution to make sure we have a fair voting process. Draw your own conclusions.



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