HMA Election SNAFU…

My fellow homeowners,

You probably got a letter from HMA on Thursday of Friday with the material for board of directors election. Don’t vote just yet! Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Lordon and that underlines serious issues:


I received today the “Notice of meeting” for 2016. The documents received do not comply with the Davis-Stirling rules.

1) Legal notice deadline has already passed:
The notice of meeting was postmarked on October 10th 2016 for an annual meeting scheduled for November 5th 2016. The notice is in violation of the 30-45 days timeline per Davis-Stirling rules. Note that HMA CC&Rs and R&Rs do not specify a different timeline and therefore general rule applies. Per postmark, there were 26 days left to election deadline, 23 days left when received, not the minimum of 30 days required.

2) Candidate statements were not included:
Davis-Stirling rules on election notification require that “Mail notice of meeting, candidate statements, ballots, and envelopes.” be mailed (again 30-45 days BEFORE the election). Candidate statements were not provided. This put new candidates at a disadvantage as they may not be known from new homeowners.
Regardless, the legal requirement is that candidate statements be mailed.

In the absence of legal notification in accordance to California Civil Code, the election will be invalidated.
For theses reasons, I call on the board to cancel currently scheduled general meeting and to re-schedule it 30 days hence so that appropriate and legal notification can be sent to homeowners as required by California Civil Code.

See official references on items above:

Now read below the response I got from Lordon Management (after 2 reminders):

Michael – I don’t think Debra is back in the office yet but please note that the election date/location is being rescheduled as Simple Green is no longer going to permit weekend meetings.  A new meeting location is being secured.  In addition, the candidate statements that were inadvertently not printed will be included.  Thank you.
Donalea Bauer
626-967-7921 ext. 3342
1275 Center Court Drive, Covina, CA 91724

That’s it! No harm, no foul, we just screwed up the most important task we have, which is to make sure that our complex can elect legally a board of directors for 2017, oh, and by the way, we also did not make sure we had a place to hold the election and sent ballots after legal deadline, but it’s just a little “ooopsie”!
Seriously? That’s what I call gross negligence and utter incompetence. And the current board is responsible, 100%.

This is a scandal, I have lived here since 1999 and there has NEVER been such cavalier attitude about holding our elections. So I call on all of you, vote against this old and tired board, vote for new candidates that are willing to work for us!



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