Why I am running to be on the HMA board…..

My name is MICHAEL GIOAN, some of you also know me as Froggy ūüėČ I have been living in our complex for over 16 years¬†and I have in the past served as Treasurer then President. I am running this year because I think we need to improve the way we manage this HOA.

What I have seen in the past couple years is a focus on writing lots of new rules but very¬†little in terms of running this complex more efficiently. We just cannot remain stuck in the 60s, that’s quaint but not¬†beneficial, we need to look to the future, not to the past.

In order to maintain and improve the appeal of our complex, which has a direct impact on property value, we need to adapt and embrace rather than decry and bemoan technical progress and changes in our local environment and society.

Here are some of the changes I will propose if you grant me the honor to serve you on the HMA Board 2017:

TERM LIMITS – An opportunity for more homeowners to get involved:
We need new blood and new ideas and I would propose that no board member can serve more than 4 consecutive years. A 2-year hiatus would be required before a former board member can run again. The term limit rule above applying to board members should also apply to members of the various committees and for the same reasons.

FINANCIAL CONTROL – Because it’s OUR money:
Any new project or re-assignment of funds for which cost is projected to exceed 15% of HMA yearly revenue should be¬†submitted to a vote by the entire membership. The members should be able to have their say in controlling expenses¬†and be able to oppose ‚Äúpet projects‚ÄĚ that may not be beneficial to the complex as a whole. This rule would not apply to
projects that are part of the current 30-year mandatory maintenance plan since costs are spread over many years.

SMART MAINTENANCE – Because it’s important for property value and lower dues:
We have enjoyed this year a surplus of almost $100K savings in salaries and supplies by having a reduced crew. And the  complex still looks as good as ever! I support hiring licensed contractors for all tasks requiring expertise beyond handyman level. This will benefit us in terms of liability and guarantee of compliance and completion.
Maintenance crew should be kept to a minimum. Our current crew has done a great job when used for what they do best. Past events have shown time and time again that it is difficult for the board to properly supervise a large and unruly crew.

MODERNIZATION – Because it will make our properties more valuable:
Where to begin with this?
We still do not have an electronic system to track maintenance requests and architectural requests! This is not only very inefficient, it is also a legal liability since the HOA does not have any record of maintenance task by unit, hold harmless agreements, etc…
Why aren’t we considering solar power with the huge area of flat roof we have?
Why don’t we use e-mail, internet and other modern media more to help members communicate better?
We need to get into the 21st century. I’m willing to help.

EMPOWERMENT – Because we are all in this together:
Homeowners must have a voice at all times. All too often, far-reaching decisions that can impact our quality of life and¬†property values are taken without the membership being consulted. I believe in direct democracy and in giving more¬†control and power to us, the homeowners, not to an authoritarian ‚Äúlocal government‚ÄĚ of sorts.
Since 2009, this free forum has provided a free and uncensored platform for all HMA homeowners, to exchange ideas, suggestions and opinions.

Please vote for me, I will work to the best of my abilities to have a better-looking, better-managed complex, to make sure that all homeowners are treated equally and fairly and that our association dues are lowered as a benefit of more efficient management.

Thanks for your support – Michael Gioan, MS

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  1. I‚Äôm trying to figure out how to start a dialog on air conditioning. When we first approached the board last Oct, they declined to discuss until after the ‚Äúelections‚ÄĚ. We have a warm summer, high humidity and there are units that reduce noise considerably. How do we get the dialog going to approve AC units? Thanks ‚Äď Tony

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