November 2015: Annual Meeting and HOA meeting reports…

About 15 homeowners attended the Annual Meeting on Saturday November 7th 2015.

  • Budget for 2016 was presented to the membership. A slight excess revenue was collected in 2015 (about $20K).
  • Dues for 2016 will remain the same at $390/month. Current reserves amount to about $1.1M.
  • Minutes from last Annual Meeting were read and adopted for publication.

Elections Results:
Election quorum was met with 60% (56 out of 92) members voting to elect a new Board of Directors. Note that 6 votes (10% of votes) were annulled by the Inspectors of Elections, a higher number than usual (generally 2 or 3 votes are annulled per election).

The HMA Board of Directors for 2016 is as follows (by alphabetical order):

  • Adam, Bob
  • Cioffoletti, Marty
  • Codner, Larry (2015 incumbent)
  • Huizenga, Rick
  • Solig, Pam (2015 incumbent)

Only a handful of members were present on Tuesday November 10th for the HOA monthly meeting. The topics listed below were discussed.

There was some discussion about termite damage to the building. Marty Cioffoletti informed us that during the re-roofing project, virtually no termite damage was found and that therefore termite activity is probably mainly seasonal and due to swarming. Some discussion occurred about tenting the entire complex but not decision was made or direction taken other that continuing current termite control practices with special focus on possible infestation via garages (an easy entry point for the bugs).

Breezeway/Driveway Resurfacing:
The originally discussed plan to re-pour the totality of driveway and breezeway is coming under some fire due to its high cost, inconvenience and the fact that even new concrete can crack. Again, proponents of interlocking pavers voiced their opinion that this technology offers the advantages of providing better drainage, no cracking, easy repair and more importantly, no obligation for a massive, high cost project. This repaving method could be applied as needed, which minimizes impact on yearly budget and would not require assessment.

Boat Bow Overhang:
This issue was originally addressed by the board in a manner that did not take into consideration several important factors. The originally proposed rule was to not allow any overhanging of boat bows whatsoever above the dock. This rule, seen as “too drastic” was discussed and the following factors emerged.

  • Individual homeowner liability is already engaged if bow overhanging causes injury to anyone. Making a new rule also create a necessity of enforcement which may cause unwanted liability for the HOA itself.
  • The situation is already addressed in the CC&Rs where general guidelines about unreasonable encroachment on common property already exist.
  • The City of Huntington Beach itself has rules governing this specific situation, so there is no need to add a new rule.
  • Any issue arising from bow overhanging can be solved between homeowners, possibly with the assistance of the board in conflict situations.

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