September 2015: HOA meeting report…

An unusually large number of homeowners and residents (over 25) attended the September meeting. During the open session, five homeowners voiced their strong appreciation and support for the HMA crew foreman.

Below is a list of the topics that were discussed during the meeting in chronological order:

The gardening committee is looking into using Kentia palms to replace carrots trees. Palm trees grow less roots and will interfere less with driveway concrete. It was noted that the carrot trees are doing quite well this year, despite a severe drought.
Heidi Codner started to report an event that occurred back in February while her and two crew members were surveying plants in various breezeways. She was interrupted by board president Pam Solig and told not to continue due to “confidential reasons”.

Emergency Water Shut-off Valves:
Valves have been installed in almost all trash areas to allow shutting off water in case of leak from specific unit. Michael Gioan asked the board to make sure to label valves to identify the corresponding unit.

Proposed Smoking Ban:
The board instructed Lordon Management to mail out a survey to all homeowners regarding opinions of members in the matter.

Boat Registration:
Lordon will mail a boat registration form with next billing statement. Homeowners are required to provide boat ownership information and in some cases, proof of insurance.

Concrete Slab Project:
The project was discussed again, amidst fairly strong resistance from some members who would like alternate solutions, for example interlocking pavers.

Solar Power and Alternative Water Source:
JP Cruz re-iterated his willingness to research solutions and costs of installing solar panels on carports that could generate considerable amounts of power and be used to offset our utility costs.
Michael Gioan indicated that he has already done some research posted information on this web site and volunteered to help but board president Pam Solig refused to allow him to do so, on personal grounds.
A desalinization unit could also be installed to convert sea water into fresh water suitable to gardening needs.

Board Member Illness:
Alan Murphy (Treasurer) reported that he had a serious health problem that prevented him from attending last HOA meeting and caused cancellation for reason of lack of quorum. We all wish him a prompt, speedy and full recovery.

Unanswered Question:
Michael Gioan asked the board about an apparently controversial 3/2 decision by the board during the July meeting that caused two board members to threaten resignation. The question was:
“Was the decision voted by the board in July that was voted with the 3/2 margin carried out?” Pam Solig (president) answered by “No comment. The public session is now closed”. The meeting was then dismissed and the board went into private executive session.





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