August 2015: HOA Meeting – What happened?

Our August 11th meeting was cancelled by the board under mysterious circumstances, with the argument that a quorum of directors (3 out of 5) was not met. No additional information as of why was given to the homeowners.

I’d say that considering the many important issues on the agenda for this meeting, this cancellation was more than unfortunate and I sure hope there was a very legitimate reason for it.
Board members can, if needed, attend a board meeting by phone, maybe the ones on vacation should have…

But you’ll be the judge, see below the list of issues the homeowners hoped would have been addressed. Information below gathered from leaflets distributed this last 2 weeks in the complex and other reliable sources:

  •  Resignation then retraction of resignation by two board members after a 3/2 vote in executive session did not go how they expected. Click here for more on this topic…
  • Concerns about credible rumors of possible “peeping tom” activity in the complex. A homeowner I spoke with on Tuesday night told be that he came “out of concern for the safety of his two young children”.
  • Threat of legal action against HMA, the Architectural Committee and named directors for overreaching and grossly exceeding their authority.
  • Threat of legal action against HMA and named directors for illegally levying excessive and “punitive” fines.
  • Concern by many homeowners that business oftentimes being conducted in executive secret sessions should be instead conducted in public sessions, particularly when the safety of the homeowners may be at stake.

A very worrisome list indeed that clearly shows this board has become dysfunctional and needs to be replaced. Our quality of life as residents of this complex and the value of our properties are at stake, no more, no less!

I call on all homeowners to attend next board meeting on Tuesday, September 8th 2015 at 7:00pm, Simple Green building, 3rd floor.

Special note:
I would like to commend Carol Snyder, board member and Kathy Reese from Lordon Management for the courtesy and respect they showed HMA homeowners.
They were both present Tuesday night and fielded questions from the twenty or so residents that made the effort to show up just to be turned away, while the remaining members of the board were in hiding. Thank you ladies, you showed some real class!

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